Cloud-based Royalty Management and Analytics Solution for the music and film industry.

It’s the best way to prepare royalty reports, view analytics reports and send or receive payments.

Consolidated Reports

Regardless of how many sales reports and sources you have, RoyaltyConnect will connect and consolidate all your sales data in one simple and functional report. Your sales reports will be readily available to filter, view, print and download whenever you choose.


Royalty calculation, simplified

A onetime setup is required for new products. Thereafter, simply connect and upload sales data, select the date range and you are done! Now you can view, print or send a secure link to your licensors to view their royalty statement. You can even make payments for royalties due directly from RoyaltyConnect's site.

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Professional Services

If you don't want to be bothered with royalty preparation, we understand. You may be too busy running your business or maybe it makes more economical sense to outsource your royalty department. No problem. Our professional service department can handle everything. RoyaltyConnect Pro Services can prepare and send your royalty reports and even make payments on your behalf.


Analytics Reports

Who's is listening, viewing and purchasing your music and films? Where are they located? Did your recent appearance increase sales? What about social activities. Did your latest tweet or photos posted to Instagram and Facebook create a buzz? These and many more questions can finally be answered and monetized. RoyaltyConnect analytics reports provides insight to your sales activity like never before.

Get Started, It's Free 


Paying royalties due is as simple as selecting the payee and clicking submit! Utilizing a secure connection between your bank and the licensor's bank account, RoyaltyConnect allow you to make payments to a single or as many licensors as you like, directly from RoyaltyConnect's site.